Our Team

A little something about our great team

We are a bunch of techies with professional IT background, and most of us own a degree from University.

We have been in the industry for many years now we are looking for a new start of our career.

We love everything that is about technologies from the mobile phone, PC to the field of professional website development and IT service.

If you need anything or any help from us,  please feel free to contact us at the phone number we posted above,  and our friendly staff will help you with any request.


About VAZ New Zealand Ltd

Founded in 2009, 100% NZ based and operated company, VAZ New Zealand is a technology company.

We are mainly engaged website development and server hosting in online business.

We can replace screens and batteries quickly and efficiently in our store.

We are local in Unit N 255 Browns Road, Manurewa, Auckland.

Our Service

2 Weeks quick website development.

24/7 365 days Server hosting.

2 Hour fast phone repair.



Our Price

We are trading with 2degrees mobile and warehouse group.

Our phone has best price in New Zealand.