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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date, price, news and leaks

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak points to an updated smartphone with a larger screen, but one without an in-screen fingerprint sensor, sadly.

We’re only a little over three months away from knowing everything for sure, which means you might as well hold out for Samsung’s extra-big Android phone. It’s very close.

We’re sorting through the rumors and leaks (there are a lot of them), and to do that we’ve gotten out our trusty S Pen stylus ready to declare which are plausible, and which are just wishful thinking.

The Note 9 is poised to be a big deal because it’ll be a massively sized update to the Galaxy Note 8, and slightly bigger and better than the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, which launched around the world in March.

Of course, that’s not to say it’ll be a massive update to last year’s phone with a 6.3-inch screen. No, we’re expecting iterative, but important changes, mostly to the internal specs, rather than a complete redesign on the outside.

Update: The rumors about the Note 9 getting an on-screen fingerprint sensor keep going back and forth. We’re seeing how it could work, with no guarantees it’ll make it into the final design in August. It’s the biggest mystery in phones right now.

Good news: Samsung has to roll out a new Note that’s still attention-grabbing enough to outlast the iPhone XI phones that Apple is likely to unveil in late August or early September. If you’re keen on big phones with a handy stylus, this is the one to read up on.

Here are all of the Note 9 rumors so far and the features we want to see from Samsung’s next two-handed handset.

Cut to the chase

  • What is Note 9? Samsung’s next flagship phablet
  • When is Note 9 out? Possibly end of August 2018
  • What will Note 9 cost? Probably at least $929 / £869 / AU$1,499

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date and price

  • Last year’s phone launched on August 23, and we expect similar timing in 2018
  • Likely to ship to stores and first customers in September

Samsung is readying the Galaxy Note 9 right now, according to new reports, though we still expect the release date to be closer to August 23 last year’s launch date.

We haven’t heard many Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date rumors yet, but we did see last year’s phone announced on August 23 and ship to stores in September. The short-lived Samsung Galaxy Note 7 followed a similar schedule two years ago.

So there’s a good chance that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be announced in late August 2018, before hitting stores possibly in mid to late September.

The Note 9 appears to have been trademarked by Samsung in mid-March, so it’s possible that the release target is being set in stone.

There’s always someone saying the Note phones will come earlier than ever though. This year, it’s the Investor that cites market watchers who believe it could be unveiled in early to mid-August instead. And the same site claims that Samsung has codenamed the phone ‘Crown’ and plans to have a prototype of it ready during the first quarter of 2018.

We’ve also heard reports that Samsung is testing firmware for the phone and that it started doing so two weeks earlier than for the Note 8, which somewhat suggests an earlier launch is possible – especially as the Galaxy S9 also had its firmware tested earlier than the S8, and went on to launch earlier.

Whenever the Note 9 does arrive it’s sure to be expensive. The Galaxy Note 8 retailed for $929 / £869 / AU$1,499 at launch and we can’t see Samsung lowering the price for the Note 9, especially now Apple has pushed smartphone prices even higher with its iPhone X.

In fact, the S9 and S9 Plus saw a price increase in most countries, so it only makes sense for Samsung to push its top-tier phone higher, unfortunately.

For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with the Note 9’s predecessor.



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